Computer Disposal

Wait! Think about the ecology and the future generation before you dump your computer in the nearest available landfill. Most people do not think twice of the effects of dumping their PC in a landfill or in the dustbin can cause. If they dump it in the dustbin, the trash collector will pick it up along with the rest of their trash and dispose of the same in a landfill. You should know that the body of your computer is made of PVC, which is not bio degradable. Apart from this, the electronic circuit boards inside the computer contain a decent percentage of metals such as silver, gold, chromium, and lead, etc. Poisonous metals such as lead and chromium slowly decompose and mix with the earth spreading poison to nearby trees and plants when they absorb water contaminated by those metals. Apart from this, the dangerous metals slowly make their way into nearby pools, contaminating the water of the same. As a result, fishes and other living beings in the water are poisoned too. When you eat fruits or vegetables from those plants, the poison enters your system. Therefore, you should never dispose of your computer in this manner. However, this does not mean that computer disposal is a tough task.

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Search online

Search online. You will find many companies that specialise in computer disposal. They will charge you a small amount for this task. However, this small amount is negligible considering the dangers you are causing to the environment by dumping your PC in a landfill. Check the brochure that came along with your computer. Chances are bright that the company that manufactured your PC have a computer disposal scheme. If they have, you need to contact them and request them to dispose your PC. They will either send their personnel or send you a heavy duty self addressed cardboard box. Place the computer inside the box, seal the box with cellophane tape, and post the computer to the company through courier. The company will disassemble the computer in their plant, remove the non recyclable parts from the electronic circuit boards, and melt the casing and other PVC parts so that it can be used again to manufacture new computer cases. They will take apart the circuit boards, remove the parts from it, and melt the metal parts to recover the silver, lead, gold etc.

Points to ponder

Ensure that you thoroughly delete all the data from the hard disk drive of your computer before sending it to a computer disposal company. If necessary, you can also physically damage your computer's HDD to ensure that nobody will be able to retrieve its data. You can remove the RAM, especially if it belongs to the latest generation, and use it in your new computer. Ensure that you delete all the browsing history from your browsers, as they might contain sensitive information, such as your bank's login information (if you have saved the same). You prevent the ecology of the earth by following the simple computer disposal methods mentioned above.